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Trading Signals for Bitcoin

Feb 24

Bitcoin was originally founded with the idea to make (also large) payments easy, fast, cheap and anonymous, regardless of where you are. You can earn crypto by using trading signals. The decentralized and transparent nature of the currency also ensures trust and reduces fraud. The exchange rate of a currency against the dollar is constantly changing due to outside influences, such as more people entering, exiting and mining results.

With the arrival of other coins, such as ethereum, ripple, monero and several hundred altcoins, the way of dealing with cryptocurrency has taken on an extra dimension: trading. There are now countless exchanges where you can trade with your virtual coins. The best known are Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex and Kraken.


Trading usually takes place between different currencies and works just like traditional exchanges: you buy when the currency is low and sell when the currency is high. Then you have made a profit. If you do that the other way around, you have lost value. Since the market is extremely dynamic and volatile, you can quickly win or lose a lot of money.

Then now the most complete, yet manageable guide of how to start with crypto trading. Assume that the lead time between the start and the actual first trade can take two days due to all kinds of security measures on wallets and marketplaces and differences in time zones.

Creating the account may take a while. Often you have to send a photo of yourself with your passport next to your face to be verified. Although I found it quite an attack on my privacy in the beginning, it is usually the only - and in the market accepted - way to guarantee some security for both the exchanges and yourself.