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How long does it take for Amazon to approve a seller account?

Apr 9

Do you plan to start an Amazon business? If so, what are you waiting for? In the beginning, you will want to make sure your Amazon seller account is set up. It is possible to sell products, create new ones, alter your prices, manage inventory, and much more through this account.

Amazon seller accounts can be created fairly easily. However, there are a number of steps that must be completed. In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about the process of submitting your account to Amazon for approval so that you can start selling. Let's begin. In order to manage your product listings and the day-to-day operations of your Amazon account, you will need amazon seller account management service. Be sure to check out Urtasker if you require such services. 

Why should you join Amazon?

You might be wondering if signing up for an Amazon seller account makes sense if you plan to sell products online. Don't you just have your own website to sell products from?

Certainly, you can establish a website where you can sell your products. However, how exactly do you plan on marketing it? Before people can purchase your products, they need to find your website. Thus, it is necessary to spend considerable time and money on search engine optimization, advertising, and other marketing campaigns. In addition, there's no guarantee that you'll even get any traffic at all even after doing all this.

Having your products listed on one of the world's biggest marketplaces is an advantage of selling on Amazon. Prime has millions of customers, so it's likely your products will be discovered there. In addition to Amazon's established reputation, people will trust Amazon enough to purchase from you even though you are an unknown seller.

It is highly recommended that you sell on Amazon if you desire to build your business rapidly and make money immediately.

How can you utilize your seller account?

It is not only possible to list products on Amazon's website by registering for an account. You can also do the following with your account.

  • Sell products already in Amazon's database by using their existing listings.
  • Add new products to the marketplace
  • Add images and descriptions to your listings, as well as create and edit your listings as needed.
  • Price your goods appropriately and adjust based on current sales and competition.
  • Make sure your inventory levels are up-to-date.
  • Answer your reviews and review your feedback.
  • Email your customers.
  • Take responsibility for your customer service.

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What is the verification process for Amazon seller accounts?

In most cases, you will receive approval for your account within 24 hours. There is a possibility that your information may not be correct, or you entered it incorrectly, resulting in the processing being delayed. As a result, please ensure that all the information you enter is correct. Failure to do so will delay the process of selling your products. In order to open an Amazon seller account, Amazon requires you to provide certain information. 

The Amazon Seller Account Setup Process

It is possible to set up two types of Amazon accounts:



A professional account requires the seller to sell more than 40 items every month. In addition, the seller pays a monthly fee of $39.99. If you are just getting started, it would be advisable to open an individual account. Once you have decided which type of account you desire, it is time to complete the process of signing up and actually applying for your account.

Please follow the steps below in order to ensure that the system is configured correctly.

Prepare the necessary documents.

Prepare the following items before you begin:

Credit card information that is valid

Bank statements or credit card statements

A copy of your identification

In order to complete your account registration, you will need to provide these documents.

Get started with the process.

Click on "Sell" at the top of To become a professional seller, click "Sign Up" on the next page. To become a seller, scroll down and choose "Sign up." Fill in your email address and password for your account. 

Make sure your email is valid.

You will receive a code via email from Amazon after you have entered your email. Copy the code from the Amazon email. Open your email and look for the message from Amazon. After you've pasted the code into the field above, go back to the sign-up page and click "Prove."

Click "Verify" after you have completed that step.

Fill out the following information about your business.

You will then be asked to provide Amazon with the address of your business. You have to provide the address where your business has been registered. The country where you reside must be entered if you don't own a business. Once the country has been entered, the type of business should be selected. You will need to choose the option that best describes your business.

Click "Agree and continue" once this information has been entered.

You will be required to provide one piece of identification and your country of residence on the following page. In order to obtain a passport, you must have your driver's license or a permanent residence card.

The last step is to enter the digits of your mobile phone number. To do this, you must first enter your email address. Verify that the number you entered is valid by contacting Amazon or sending a text message. You may select your preferred method of verification.

Select the billing method that best suits your needs 

Your credit card information will be required on this page. Please note that this is the card that will be charged for account fees by Amazon.

Information regarding the store

Give your store a name. When customers are looking at your store on Amazon, they will see this name as your seller name. Try to choose a name that sounds nice but is not too specific. In this way, you will be able to branch out into numerous niches at the same time.


Verification of Identity


To ensure that your information is correct, you should check the information at the top of the page. Please upload a photo of your identification to prove that you are who you claim to be. If it is a scan, please make sure the colors are visible. Also, you need to send an additional document with your submission. A credit card statement or a bank account statement may satisfy this requirement.

The review of your account has begun.

There you have it! Your account will be under review once you have verified your identity. Once you have been approved, or if there is an issue with any of your information, Amazon will contact you directly so that you can rectify the error. If the information you entered has not been verified by Amazon, it may take longer for your account to be approved. If the information is correct, it takes a maximum of 24-48 hours.

You will be able to access seller central after your account has been approved so you can add products and begin creating your listings.


Setting up your Amazon seller account is fairly easy. If you follow the instructions above, you should be ready to sell within a day or two. Make sure the information you enter is correct. If there is an error or false information, you may never get any chance to sell on Amazon.