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5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For This 2022

Apr 22

As the world shifts to cyberspace, more innovative and personalized technology emerges. This has resulted in a rapidly-evolving digital marketing landscape that has become challenging, even for industry veterans.


Now that the year has set in, some digital marketing trends have started taking hold. If you’re a marketer or a business owner looking to stay ahead of the competition, here are five digital marketing trends to watch out for this 2022.


Continued Growth For Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies have been steadily growing over the past few years. As more and more businesses are starting to accept these decentralized forms of payment, digital marketing strategies are beginning to head in the same direction.


Accepting cryptocurrencies might be a good choice for businesses looking to cater the younger generation. The added option provides an incentive for accessibility and safety associated with transacting in these digital assets.


An Expanded Metaverse


You’ve probably heard the term metaverse being thrown around, especially on social media. Essentially, the metaverse refers to interconnected virtual experiences through various technologies. This includes social media, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), digital avatars, and holograms on top of traditional photos, music, and videos.


This expanded virtual lifestyle presents a new platform for digital marketers to establish their brands in the market. It offers new potential for creating sales, but it also provides a new set of performance metrics. In a world where information is critical, every chance to understand it better is something hard to skip out on.


Increased Reliance On First-Party Data


Although Google has announced an extension to cancel third-party cookies, this also means that 2022 marks a massive transition to continue data collection without third-party solutions. As this shift happens, expect restricted access – or none at all – to information that was previously readily available. 


As marketing companies tend to rely on the market and consumer data, it might be worth looking into new strategies that allow them to build their first-party data. This could enable companies to create more targeted campaigns that cater directly to the same market segment.


More Ventures Into Social Commerce


With the proliferation of social media in everyone’s lives, it’s no wonder that social commerce is also on the rise. This practice refers to the use of networking platforms like Instagram and Tiktok as a marketing vehicle. Success is usually gauged in engagements like likes, shares, and comments. 


This practice has allowed businesses to invest in their social currencies from a marketing perspective. This two-way communication with the market creates relevance and reach, improving a brand’s conversion rate.


Supply Chain Buffering


As the pandemic showed the vulnerabilities of the global supply chain, businesses have started keeping buffers through any channel possible to avoid the adverse effects of bottlenecks. Now, most companies keep backup stocks or a buffer inventory to help them respond to sudden unexpected demand.


From a digital marketing perspective, it’s more advantageous to align marketing goals with realistic supply capacities. This usually includes full disclosure on marketing campaigns and informing potential buyers about production and transport delays.


Final Word


Digital marketing is a highly competitive industry that constantly requires people to adapt to new trends and technologies. However, there’s no need to fear what the year ahead will bring. The five trends listed above can give you an idea to get started. However, there are a lot of other opportunities that might suddenly surge as the months go by.


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